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With internet connected mobile phones becoming ubiquitous, it is not unusual of us to watch streaming videos such as movie trailers and music videos these days. Windows Phone also has a YouTube app which works fine, but you can only watch videos while connected to the internet. To work around this problem, independent developer Fast Code has brought Tube Pro — a freeware app  (despite the ‘pro’ in the name) for Windows Phone 7.5 and 8, which lets you not just watch YouTube videos, but also allows them save them in the phone for later offline viewing.

Downloads can be resumed later if stopped midway and there is also a provision to record videos and upload to YouTube right through this app. If a video is available in HD format, then you get an option to download it in HQ (high quality) or HD (high definition 720p). If you are watching online, you can also view and post comments under videos. Volume can be controlled by pinching in and out the screen. Downloaded videos can be clubbed into playlists according to your convenience.

Developer: Fast Code
Size: 4 MB
Works with: Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 7.5
Download URL:
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