Author Topic: Secure Your ID's from Hack  (Read 2646 times)

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Secure Your ID's from Hack
« on: April 09, 2013, 02:28:27 PM »
As we know internet becomes a part of our Life. Our life Become easier because of Internet. It give us many service like mail , Shopping , Banking , Entertainment. Today Internet provide us most of service. It is like a Magic. The most useful role of internet is in Medical world as well as   in Education world. Now you can study using Internet from long Distance . You can buy book which is no available on your city state or Country.Now almost everything is Possible from Internet.

The new feature of Internet Became very Popular Internet Banking. That is the most useful service on Internet. Only few of People donít know about Facebook. We shared everything in facebook. But the most Dangerous thing is security on Internet. As we know the Hacker. donít know what is Hacker ?

Hacker is a Tital for people who can  enter in ur system without any authentication. Basically they are Computer Geeks who can do everything via Internet Like Enter in your PC and enter in ur Internet ID. There are two Types Of  Hacker. Ethical Hacker (White Hats). These types of Hacker help to improve Security System and helps the victim People in Cyber Crime. Another is Illegal Hacker (cr@cker aka Black Hats). These Guys used their talent in wrong way. They theft on internet By frauding , and others. The crime using Internet is called Cyber Crime. And Anyone who uses the internet can be Victim.
So main Question is how can we save from being a Victim. ? Than there is always a Answer of  every Question just u have to know Their Answer. I posted some of Steps if u follow them than i am sure you will not regret.
1. Always Complete your transaction via ssl 128 bit secured link.

2.Donít share your IDís and Password to others.

3.Always include numbers , alphabetical letters and special character in password like Abc@123

4.Avoiding of use of Cyber Cafe.

5.Donít use cyber cafe to buy anything from internet

6.if you used cyber cafe internet then delete every caches , cookies and internet temporary files from cyber cafe Computer.

7.Always scan for Virus ans Spyware.

8.use always original Windows and Security Suites.

9.Use Linux OS for run Internet

10. If possible  than use dynamic IP

11. Donít surf on cr@ck/warez site.

12 . Donít be fool via Fraud E-mail . If u Get it than first confirm about them.

13. Always remove All temporary files from PC.

14. Use a good firewall Software.

15. Always use Virtual Keyboard if you enter the Sensitive information....

These are some steps u have to FollowÖ..


If i forgot or you have suggestion then post here  , iíll love to add itÖ.:D

:D :D...................................................................................Happy SurfingÖ........................................................................:D :D

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