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Forum Directives
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These are Good manners that you should follow when posting on the Sysberto.

1. Post Your Tricks /Proxy In HIDE Code which will helps Other users to Hide the tricks from guests and newbie's.

2. Do not post in Capital Letters, so set the Caps Lock Off! It is not a good forum ethics to post in capital letters, as it is not easy to read the post, and it may imply that you are shouting. The same applies to Bold letters.

3. Do not quote very large posts completely full of pictures/videos when replying - keep the topic readable!

4. When posting prices in local currencies, be sure to always include the value also in Dollars ($).

5. When your question or problem is solved, please add the tag [Solved] to the beginning of your title.

6. If any user asks you for personal information, such as an account number, address, password or credit card number, do not provide it – instead report the user to a moderator.

7. If any member breaks the Forum Rules, you should report it using the feature "Report to moderator" existing in every post.

8.Be specific. Including detailed information in your post will help other users understand your issue. Don't go off-topic.

Specific RULES for posting or uploading files on FORUM

1. Upload the file to the forum.

2. Upload a preview of the applications or games on a image server like TinyPic and use the "Insert image" button above the smilies to add the image to the board, or you can use the boards attachment function to upload the image to the forum.

3. All applications posts MUST have screenshots or the post will be deleted!

* Rules for posting wallpapers

1. Upload the file to the forum.

2. Upload the wallpaper using the boards attachment function to upload the image to the forum.  You can use the multiple uploader to make it easier.

3. Keep the threads clean, i.e keep the discussions to a minimum

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